Color and relax Tranquil treasures

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We received a nice book from Color and Relax for writing a review about. We want to thank them very much for this.

Information you can find on the internet about this book: Coloring Can Help You Defuse The Bomb of Stress! Are you stressed out? Do you want a simple and creative way to help you relieve stress and relax? Imagine having a quick and effortless way to put your mind at ease from your day’s problems. Picture yourself coloring away your stress. You probably already know this but more and more adults are turning to coloring books as a way to unwind and de-stress. Why? Because the act of coloring activates therapeutic qualities similar to those of meditation. Studies show coloring in designs and patterns can help lessen anxiety levels and encourage a state of deep engagement. This is why I created Color and Relax: Tranquil Treasures. To help you experience this state of deep engagement and relaxation. To help you turn on your chill-mode and color away your stress one relaxing coloring stroke at a time.

A very nice colouring book with designs made by Jo Shiloh. The pages in this book are printed one-sided. So another nice book for our colourists who use alcoholmarkers. (Do put something between the pages) A diversity in designs, something there for every colourist. The paper feels a little thinner but that will be tested later on. First I will show you some examples of what you can expect in this book.

As I said earlier the paper feels a little thinner than normal. So I’m going to test my first design using the Stabilo and the Tombow ABT dual brush pens. Colouring with these pens goes well on this paper. The ink dries well and doesn’t run. These pens press through a little on the backside though. This isn’t a problem because the backside is blank. It is advisable to put a piece of paper or cardboard between the pages, to prevent the ink from damaging the design on the next page. The colouring itself went well and I think the result is very nice.


I coloured my next design using a combination of Faber Castell polychromos and two prismacolor premier pencils. The paper is also suited for using pencils on. The pigment attaches very well, but this time I thought it would be nicer to blend the colours. Some white spots remained visible and by blending the colours that can be solved easily. I used the prismacolor blender for this. The paper is firm enough for handling the blending. No other problems to be seen. I coloured this design with great joy.


My conclusion therefore is that this is a nice book. Especially when you have a preference for colouring mandala’s, like I do. The pages being printed one -sided is a plus for sure in my opinion. The paper being a little thinner is something I take for granted. More than enough choices in designs in this book. This is a nice asset to your colouring books for sure. Additional hours of colouring pleasure.

Data from the book:
Title: Color and Relax : Tranquil Treasures
Illustrator: Jo Shiloh
Publisher: Createspace
Pages: 88
Product dimensions: 216 x 280 x 5mm
ISBN: 9781518790416
Price: € 10,99 ( € 9,93(Bookdepository)

This book is available at & Bookdepository a.o.

This review is translated by Nathalie Janssen. Thanks for that.

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