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We received this beautiful book Daydreams from Gibbs Smith for which we thank them very much.

Information you can find on the internet: New and old adherents of the coloring phenomenon will fall in love with the flora and fauna of Daydreams Artist’s Edition. Dive into this collection of finely-drawn fledglings, a sleeping fox, exquisite owl, eclectic insects, and more.

Daydreams Artist’s Edition contains 20, single-sided oversized art card drawings, perfect for expert and budding artists alike. Complete your collection with Daydreams, the hardbound, 96-page edition, Daydreams and Winter Dreams postcards to color and share with friends, and Hanna Karlzon’s newest hardbound coloring book, Summer Nights Coloring Book.

A really brilliant firm book. Beautifully illustrated designs. Plenty of choices and each design is a challenge in itself. A lot of colourists already own this nice book and plenty of coloured designs appear. I will give you a peek inside by showing some examples.

Before colouring my first design I looked at what hasn’t been done much. This is a very nice design and I coloured this one using the Prismacolor premier pencils. These pencils colour very well on this paper. The somewhat waxy pencils attach very well to the paper and can be applied in layers very well too. I do have to mention however that not just the pencils, but the quality of the paper as well, contribute to the colouring going so well. Blending with the pencil itself goes superb.


I coloured the next design using different brands of Brush pens. Because of there being thinner and thicker spaces, it’s nice to use different kinds of brush tips. The finer work for instance can be done with Tombow ABT’s smaller tips. The ink is easily blended. Even in multiple layers. The paper doesn’t mind about the ink being a little moist. It remains in good condition, no bubbling or changes to be seen. On top of that the ink doesn’t press through to the backside. This is especially handy in this double-sided printed book. So colouring this design was great fun as well.


Conclusion : A brilliant book. Firm paper that’s lovely to colour on. You have a wide choice on designs, something for every colourist. Some designs have the option to fill them with your own drawings. It really is a pleasure colouring in this book. A book that is available in many countries already. Do have a look at the other books from Hanna Karlzon. Very worth while for expanding your colouring book collection.

Data from the book:
Title: Daydreams
Illustrator: Hanna Karlzon
Publisher: Gibbs Smith
Pages: 96
Product dimensions: 15 x 254 x 208 mm
ISBN: 9781423645566
Price: € 14,66

This book is available at a.o.

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