Wild Colouring on the go Volume 2

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From Salaryia we received the book Wild Colouring on the go Volume 2 for writing a review about. We want to thank publisher Salaryia very much for this.


Information you can find on the internet: This luxurious, handbag-sized colouring book has been designed for those who want to find time for creativity in an increasingly busy world. It provides a creative way to relax and unwind, practice mindfulness, and increase focus and creativity. The beautiful line illustrations of wild animals and the vibrant natural world have been carefully drawn so you can colour in and personalise to make them your own. It features coloured end-papers, an Ex Libris, and foiling and flocking on the cover.  

Like the book Mindfulness colouring on the go volume 1, which we received from the same publisher, this book also has a very nice cover with laid on black lines. It says volume 2, but you can buy and colour the books seperately as well. When you like volume 2 more, you can buy this one or the other way around, or both. Just as you wish. I think it just means it’s the second one in this series. The book contains all sorts of designs on which nature and wild animals are the subject. The book contains designs which are all devided into two pages. There is no design that’s printed on just one page, which I think is a pity. Because the designs are rather busy, it would have been nicer if they were printed on just one page, especially for on the go. At least that’s my opinion.

First I will show you some examples to give you an idea of the designs.

I started colouring. I chose the Faber Castell Pitt Artist brush pens and the Tombow ABT Dual brush pens. Both pens coloured nicely on this paper. The colours are picked up well by the paper and they don’t run over the lines. They remain in place well. You can open the book well so you can reach the seam in the middle too. The colours are displayed well too on this paper. I’m rather pleased with the result.


Next I coloured a design using colouring pencils. I chose the Faber Castell Polychromos and the Tombow Irojiten for this. Both of them coloured nicely on this paper. The pigment attached well on the paper. Even when using little pressure there’s enough pigment released to get an even result. Adapting with a blenderpencil, I chose the Derwent blenderpencil, worked well too.


Conclusion : The book contains designs that are all devided into two pages, I personally find this a pity, considering it’s a book for on the go. My preference would be having the designs on one page only. The designs all have the distinct subject wilde animals and nature. Colouring pencils and the tested pens worked very well on this paper. The book can be opened well in order to reach the middle of the designs.

Data of the book:
Title: Wild Colouring on the go Volume 2
Publisher: Salariya Book Company Ltd
Pages: 96
Product dimensions: 130 x 210 x 20mm
ISBN: 9781911242185
Price: € 11,17 (bol.com)/ € 10,58 ( Bookdepository)

This book is available at Bol.com & Bookdepository a.o.

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