Tombow Irojiten set 2

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From Tombow Nederland we received a set of Tombow Irojiten for testing and writing a review about. We want to thank Tombow Nederland very much for this.


Information you can find on the internet: High-quality, handmade, colour-pencil-edition made of oiled cedarwood. “Irojiten” is the japanese word for “dictionary of colours”, Just like this 90 high-quality are presented. Three different Colour-Editions presenting 30 colours each. Together, all three set give the great impresion of a “dictonary of colours”. Great present for collectors.

Available in three sorted cardboard boxes, each containing 30 unique colours.


The first thing that comes to notice when looking at these pencils, is the beautiful wrapping. You get the idea you’re holding a very special box. The set looks like the well-known DVD boxes only smaller.


This box contains three different packages, which look like booklets with a rubber band around them. You’re feeling happy just by taking the Irojiten out of the package. I think they radiate real luxury. Now I’m very curious of course whether these pencils with their luxurious appearance, will live up to the high expectations I have now.

I started colouring in Mandala’s Kleuren voor Volwassenen 1,2 & 3. For this mandala I collected the green shades from all three sets and used them on this mandala. The colour issue of these pencils is very good on this paper. The pigment attaches well on this paper. I used a lot of pressure on the pencils because I wanted the colours to be really bright in this mandala. This went very well. And even when using a lot of pressure, the pigment attached well on this paper.


Next I coloured a mandala from the Enige echte Xenos mandala kleurboek. On this mandala I tested whether you could adapt these pencils afterwards with odourless turpentine and a stumper, and this went very well. You can create gradient very well doing this, and you can also use the turpentine for making the whole design look more even. The pigment attached very well on this paper too and the adapting with the odourless turpentine went without any problems.


Finally I coloured a design from Kleurglossy. On this design I tested whether working in layers was possible, and if putting layers on top of each other would be a problem. This went very well. Here too the pigment attached well to the paper and what really struck me on this design, is that the colours of these pencils slightly differ from the sets I have from other brands.
The colours are nice and soft, but by using more pressure you can create somewhat brighter colours too. I really think this design is a success.


Conclusion : These pencils stand out right away when you see the casing, nice appearance because of the “book-casing” containing the seperate sets. The Tombow Irojiten are available in 3 sets of 3×10 pencils. We reviewed set 2. This one contains nice, soft and special colours, which most sets don’t contain.
Set 1 and set 3 contain the following colours :

Only minus in my opinion is that these pencils are not available seperately. The pigment of the pencils attached well to the different kinds of paper. The adapting with the odourless turpentine and working in layers went beyond expectations. These pencils have lived up to the high expectations.

Tombow Irojiten are available at Tombow Europe a.o.

This review is translated by Nathalie Janssen. Thanks for that.

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