Exotischer Urwald

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From Graefe und Unzer we received this beautiful book Exotischer Urwald for writing a review about. We want to thank Graefe und Unzer very much for this.

Information you can find on the internet(loosely translated): Parrots in the treetops, monkeys in the shade of old forest giants, swaying plants, breathtaking flowers and impenetrable forests. The scenes in this coloring book let you walk through the mysterious jungle of our planet. Brazil, Japan, Costa Rica, or Alaska – with this book makes you travel through the untouched paradises. The illustrations in Exotischer Urwald let you beautiful color activities. Create colorful birds, flowers in all facets of the Rainbow or a green sea of ferns, vineyards and animals. Let your imagination run wild and spoil yourself by a little escape from everyday life. The reward – relaxation, mindfulness and inner peace. In addition there are designed with love postcards in this book and fold-out pages for coloring. So climb in your colours and start!

The book is beautiful just by the look of it. The book is firmly bound, but that doesn’t disturb the colouring because it stays open very well. The designs are printed on both sides of the pages. The paper is white and feels firm. There are designs with a black background in it also. Furthermore it’s very nice that in the back of the book you will find three extra designs printed one-sided. You will also find two postcards and two bookmarks for colouring. Take a look at the examples that I made from the book.

On my first design I used Prismacolor premier pencils. These waxlike pencils colour very nicely on this paper. The paper remains nice, even after blending the pigment and using a little more pressure. Colouring this design was fun. The designs have nice details. The book is rather thick but you can colour in the middle very well. The pages stay open well and I always think that is an advantage.

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On my next design I used Tombow ABT brush pens. This waterbased ink can also be blended very well. The colours dry nicely and don’t run over the side. Because the book is printed double-sided, it’s wise to test in advance whether the ink presses through or not. That didn’t happen with these pens and the design on the backside was unharmed. The paper didn’t bulge, although I used multiple layers. I really like the result.

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Finally I wanted to test one using the Derwent inktense pencils. These pencils get their intense colours after rubbing them with a waterbrush or a paintbrush. The use of the waterbrush was no problem here either. The paper doesn’t bulge and stays nice and plain. So these pencils are recommended for this book as well.

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My opinion on this book is a very good one. Beautiful book. Perfect paper, despite the fact that the pages are printed on both sides. The tested pens and pencils don’t press through. This book is recommended for people who love working with watercolour pencils. A wide variation of designs. Nicely detailed. And extra surprises in the back of the book which are nice for sending or framing. I would say a nice asset to your other colouring books.

Data from the book:
Title: Exotischer Urwald
Illustrator: Good Wives And Warriors
Publisher: Graefe Und Unzer Verlag
Pages: 80
Product dimensions: 232 x 238 x 17 mm
Price: € 11,99

This book is available at Bol.com a.o.

This review is translated by Nathalie Janssen. Thanks for that.

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