Callicreative duotip

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Duotip verpakking

From Manuscript we received a set of Callicreative duotip for testing and writing a review about. We want to thank Manuscript very much for this.

Zonder dop

Information you can find on the internet:Set contains 10 fabolous, funky double-ended pens in assorted colours, with both chisel tip and fineliner for creative lettering, hand-lettering, writing and colouring

This set looks cheerful. They look very inviting because of the cheerful printing on the pens.The pens have fineliner tips and chisel tips. The chisel tip is very wide and not very suited for colouring in my opinion. I think this tip is only meant for writing.

I started colouring with the fineliners first. I chose a nice design from the book Het enige echte mandalaboek om te versturen. The fineliners coloured very nicely and the colour display was very beautiful. What strikes me about the Manuscript pens is that the colours are nice and bright, which is the case here as well. Even after drying the colours remain very nice. Because the paper is very thick the pens don’t press through.

Callicreative duotip 1

Next I coloured a design from De enige echte scheurkalender 2016. This calender contains designs that are printed on slightly thinner paper. They are printed one-sided however. I coloured this design with the fineliner tips as well. Because the details in this design are rather small, they weren’t suited for using the chisel tips on. The display of the colours on this paper is very good too. The ink flows out of the pen nicely and remains in place very well. The ink doesn’t run. The fineliner tip doesn’t scratch the paper. I’m very pleased with the result.

Callicreative duotip 2

Because I wanted to test the chisel tips as well I used them on a text. I tried to write using different colours. This went very well, although I did notice the tips were very wide. They could have been a little smaller to my taste, which would make writing smaller texts more easy. I’m very happy with the result however, and I remain very laudatory about the colours.

Callicreative duotip 3

Conclusion : I find these Manuscript Duotip pens ver handy. The fineliner tips are very nice for colouring. The pens don’t scratch the paper and the ink flows nicely from the tip. The chisel tip should have been smaller in my view, because this size makes writing smaller letters very difficult. I will be using these pens when I write bigger letters than the ones I wrote now. But when colouring and handlettering is your hobby, this set has to be in your collection.

This set is available at Manuscript a.o.

To buy these pencils in the Netherlands look on the Stockist Directory of Manuscript.

This review is translated by Nathalie Janssen. Thanks for that.


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