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From Manuscript we received these 12 Colour Creative Markers broad for writing a review about. We thank them very much for this.

Information you can find on the internet: Let your imagination run wild with Colour Creative felt tip markers… Suitable for children of all ages and adults the felt markers are designed not only to deliver beautiful colour but also to meet the demands of parents teachers and children with superior features such as washable ink ventilated caps for safety and a comfort grip.

  • 12 Broad (3.9mm) marker pens
  • Purple, Dark Green, Red, Pink, Black, Brown, Turquoise, Violet, Grey, Yellow, Orange, and Light Green
  • Comfort grip
  • Ventilated cap- 14 day cap off
  • Washable ink

A nice set of markers in 12 different colours. This set contains the most standard colours. The colours seem very bright but I will be testing them soon. They’re very compact and lay well in hand. The pens have a nice grip so you can hold them well. This is also ideal for the younger colourists. The cap closes firmly. Although it wouldn’t be a problem to leave them off for a while. According to Manuscript they can be without a cap for as long as fourteen days. In case you would mess with these markes, the ink is washable. What does come to notice is that the tips are rather thick, so they’re not very suited for the more delicate work.

foto 2

I got my first testing design from the Dikke Dames Kleurboek. This paper is more firm because they are postcards. The pens colour very nicely on this paper and they don’t press through. As I mentioned earlier, the colours seemed very bright. That is the case when you colour with them. Even after drying they remain bright. Colouring this design with the slightly thicker tips was no problem. The ink is pretty wet but it dries stripeless. Despite the wet ink it doesn’t run over the lines.

foto 3

I wanted to test the second design on thinner paper. I chose a mandala colouring book like most people will have at home. This paper didn’t absorb the ink very quickly. It took a little longer for it to dry. The colours were very bright yet again and you didn’t see many stripes. This almost stripeless result was a big plus in my opinion.
I did choose a somewhat grosser mandala however. These markers aren’t very suited for detailed colouring, because the tips are a bit too big. For colourists that don’t like the detailed work it’s a nice incidental by the way. The markers press through a little because of the thinner paper. I would advise to put a piece of paper or cardboard between the pages.

foto 4

Conclusion: a nice set containing 12 different colours. These colours can be combined among themselves beautifully. They have wide tips, which makes detailed colouring difficult. The colours are nice and bright however, and dry almost without any stripes. Recommended when colouring with your children for sure. They can be used by everyone because of the nice grip. I think they’re a nice asset to other markers. Very suited for large surfaces.
In short, a beautiful set with lots of options.

These markers are also available in other colors. You have another package with colors, more suitable for portraits and landscape. You can find theme here.

These markers are available at Manuscript a.o.
To buy these markers in the Netherlands look on the Stockist Directory of Manuscript.

This review is translated by Nathalie Janssen. Thanks for that.

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