Prismacolor premier pencils

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Prismacolor premierInformation you can find on the internet: Bring out the soft side of any illustration or art project with Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils featuring soft cores. Inside the box you’ll find 36 colored pencils featuring creamy cores that are the artist’s choice for blending, shading and layering. Prismacolor pencils have pigments of unmatched quality and leads that are strong enough to be sharpened to a precision point. That means you can effortlessly switch between powerful lines, delicate blends and silky shadowing.  

The testing box I got contains 36 pieces. I think this is more than enough to start with. These are colours that are used most and they can be mixed as well. What comes to notice right at the beginning is that the pencils feel rather waxy. They colour very easily and are nice and soft. I think this is a big plus.
The design I coloured with these pencils came out very nicely. The colours are very bright and the pigment releases very well. They slide over the paper. They are very nice for blending and that’s when the effect is at its best in my opinion.

foto 2

Because they colour very softly and the points look like wax crayons a little, you have to be careful with them. Using pressure is not a good thing. In order to get an even effect you will have to put several layers on top of each other. The first layer will always reveal some white dots from the paper.

foto 3

But as can be seen on the next photo that can be easily solved by applying a second layer. You can also choose to use less pressure in the end in order to get a gradient.

foto 4

When you like a complete even result you can decide to put another layer on, or blend the coloured space. Or do like I did and and blend the whole design with an alcohol marker. The pigment closes entirely then.

foto 5

It is advised to sharpen them with an ordinary pencil sharpener. The pencils are very soft and they could break easily when using a different sharpener.
Personally I enjoyed colouring with them very much. The best thing is to test them for yourselves and find out what they feel like and how they colour.
It’s a beautiful pencil with a small manual. You either like them or not at all.
A minus is that they are not sold seperately. There are smaller boxes however if you want to try them. When you like colouring in layers these pencils are a great asset.

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