Callicreative Italic marker pens fine

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From Manuscript we received a set of Callicreative Italic marker pens Fine for testing and writing a review about. We want to thank Manuscript very much for this.


Information on the internet: Simple but effective Italic markers are the ideal medium for crafters looking to add colour enhance scrapbooks, card designs, letters and more… Suitable for all ages and perfect for getting started in crafts! Manuscript’s Callicreative Italic Markers come in an array of exciting and traditional colours.
These versatile easy to use markers give stunning results in a matter of minutes!

When I received this set of pens from Manuscript I was pleasantly surprised. All of the pens have Italic points, which is ideal for penmanship (calligraphy), but of course I wanted to find out if they coloured well too.


I started by colouring a mandala from “Het enige echte mandala kleurboek om samen in te kleuren”. What strikes immediately is the beauty of the colours. Very clear and bright. The colouring itself doesn’t go that easy because of the italic points. The point is a little harder than the ones you usualy colour with. It also looked like the paper came off when going over the same spot multiple times. I’m amazed with the result however. It dries very nice and even. You can feel where you have coloured though, because the paper feels very rough there.


Since the result is better than expected, because they are actually calligraphy pens, I coloured another design printed on DCP paper. Here I coloured a pattern. What comes to notice very soon is that you can see stripes here of how you coloured, which didn’t occur on the mandala. The type of paper makes a difference too obviously.


Since these pens are for writing I tried this too of course. I picked a text that was suited for using multiple colours, and wow I’m amazed…..very beautiful.
Even when you make the same stroke twice, because you think the first one was too small, it dries up nice and even. The pens lie comfortably in your hand while writing and you can see the transition from thick to thin or vice versa in the writing very well, despite it being a point of only 1,4 mm.


Conclusion : The colours of these pens are very beautiful. Colouring with them is a little hard, but when you google them you will learn that they actually aren’t meant for this. The result however doesn’t disappoint me at all. Especially on the paper of “Het enige echte mandala kleurboek om samen in te kleuren”. For writing these pens are fantastic though. They lie comfortably in your hand and the colours look very nice. These pens are very suited for beginners calligraphy too. Because the pens lie well in your hand you get the perfect position for writing very quickly. This is recommended for sure.

These pens are available at Manuscript and Amazon a.o.

This review is translated by Nathalie Janssen. Thanks for that.

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