Carnet de Coloriage Fleurs

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Carnet de Coloriage fleurs kaft

We received a review copy of Carnet de Coloriage Fleurs from Clairefontaine publishers for which we kindly thank them.

This is part of a series “Carnet de Coloriage” which means just “Coloring book”, a simply designed series without individual titles. On their website though they call this volume “Fleurs” (flowers).

On the internet this can be found: “This flower themed coloring book is meant for adults: coloring and drawing in order to destress! It addresses those who still have not lost their inner child. This book contains 36 pages, it’s size is 20 x 20 cm.“

This is the second one of this series that I review and I must say that I am impressed by it’s quality. This is an example of how simplicity and quality can go well together.

There are 36 coloring pictures with beautiful drawn flowers and leaves. It’s a pity that the artist remains anonymous. The book is not printed single sided. Therefore I would not recommend using alcohol based markers. The binding allows the pages to be laid down totally flat so there is no hindrance when coloring.

Here is an impression of the inside:

I used colored pencils, felt tip pens, Inktense (watercolor) pencils and pastel to work in this book. Of these I picked colored pencils first: Prismacolor Premier pencils. These went very well on the paper which is a bit rough and therefore leaves more white visible after coloring than usual, but with a blender pencil this was solved easily and the final result was nice and even. The colors blended well. For the background I used a Bruynzeel Design Colour pencil and blended this with white spirit which went fine.

Carnet de Coloriage fleurs potlood

The next picture I colored in with Tombow Dual Brush felt tip pens. This went excellent. The paper endures several layers without getting damaged and the felt tips colored especially even and without stripes. There was no bleeding through whatsoever and the colors kept their vibrancy. I enjoyed working with these felt tips in this book.

Carnet de Coloriage fleurs stift

Finally I colored a picture with Derwent Inktense (watercolor) pencils. I was curious about working with water in this book, in the previous one of this series I had not tried this. And here also: nothing but praise about this paper. The ink when it’s made wet produced brilliant colors and was spread out easily. The paper hardly bubbles and I could even color the fine white stripes of the nerves of the leaves with a paint brush without the ink spreading across the lines. This paper is really good for aquarelle painting. I colored the background with a Stabilo Carbothello pastel pencil. This went excellent also. The pastel attaches itself well to the paper and it can easily be spread out with a paper stump.

Carnet de Coloriage fleurs inktense

I can only speak once again highly of this part of the series Carnet de Coloriage and would like to compliment the publisher: a simply designed book but with superior quality paper for coloring.

Data of the book: 
Title: Carnet de coloriage fleurs
Publisher: Clairefontaine
Size: 19,7 x 0,5 x 20 cm
Price: € 4,95

This book is amongst others available at La Couronne du Comté.

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