Traditional Dutch tiles colouring cards

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We received a review copy of this nice book of cards from Pepin Press for which we thank them kindly.

On the internet this can be found: These books are printed on 250 g/m2 special acid free aquarelle paper on which you can use aquarelle paint without any problem. There are intricate  motifs printed on every card. These booklets contain 20 cards each, with different designs. You can use the cards also to send as a postcard. They fit into regular 16×16 cm square envelopes.

The first thing I noticed when I received this book was its firmness. Not only the thickness of the paper, but also the thick card board at the back so you can color while having the book in your lap. All the 20 drawings depict typical Dutch scenes which are beautifully drawn with nice details. They can easily be taken out of the book so you can give them away as a present or to frame them. I could not wait to try them. Here is an impression of what’s inside:

The first card I colored in with Staedtler Ergosoft colored pencils. These are wax based and therefore seemed to me better for this somewhat toothy  paper. To be honest, colored pencils are not the most suitable media on this paper. The pigment cannot fill the holes in the paper completely so it leaves much white. I personally do not like that very much so I used a Spectrum Noir colorless blender marker afterwards that produced a nice and even result.

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The next one I colored with Faber Castell Albrecht Dürer. You notice at once that this paper is meant for aquarelle pencils. The pigment spreads out  very easily with a water brush. The pigment dissolves excellent and is spread out across the paper easily. This is really excellent quality paper for water dissolvable coloring products. There is no bubbling whatsoever. It was a real pleasure to color in this picture.

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Finally I did another one, this time with Tombow ABT Brush. These water based felt tip pens can also be used very well in this book. The wet ink flows easily into the tooth of the paper, it does not bleed through and there is no bubbling. A minus to me was that the motifs were not synched. Some lines are thicker, some are thinner. But that did not diminish my coloring pleasure.

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I am very positive about this postcard book. The paper is beautiful, especially for materials that are used together with water. Aquarelle is a must. The Ductch scenes are very nice and the booklet can easily be taken with you. Besides that it is nice to frame your colored cards. I advise you to try it yourself.

Title: Traditional Dutch tiles colouring cards
Illustrator: Pepin van Rooijen
Publisher: The Pepin Press
Number of pages: 20
Size: 11 x 152 x 150 mm
ISBN: 9789460096518
Price: € 11,95

You can buy this book at Bol amongst others.


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