Mehndi Advanced Colouring Book

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From Salariya publishers we received a review copy of Mehndi advanced colouring book for which we kindly thank them.

On the internet this can be found: The Mehndi Advanced Colouring Book provides a creative way to relax and unwind, free the mind, and increase focus and creativity that your inner artist will love. The beautiful line illustrations of mehndi patterns from Hindu culture have been carefully and intricately drawn so you can colour in and personalise to make them your own.

My, this is a hefty volume! It surprises me because you don’t see this clearly on photos of the book. It is A4 sized and has a 0.3 mm hardcover. So far I did not come across such a book and it comes over really special. Some of the pictures in it are more roughly drawn while others are intricate. There are feet/legs or hands/arms painted with henna on every page. This is called Mehndi. Next to this there are patterns or mandalas in the background. The paper feels good to the touch and is white. Most drawings run across two pages but there are some that are on just one page. Let me show you a few examples:

For coloring in I picked one that is drawn across two pages. First I colored the right page with Faber Castell Polychromos colored pencils and deliberately limited my color choice. I saw this on the internet. The pencils go well on the paper and layering goes fine. This way you achieve a nice and even result without noticing the onset of the pencils on the paper.
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After that I colored the page on the left with Stabilo felt tip pens together with the golden one from Faber Castell Pitt brush pens and chose colors that match the theme of the book. The felt tips performed also well on the paper.

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My conclusion is that this is a very special book. It has a variety of pictures, more rough ones but also intricate ones. The paper does well with both felt tip pens and colored pencils. I recommend this book for the starting colorist, but also for the advanced one. I think this book is special.

Book data:
Title: Mehndi Advanced Colouring Book
Publisher: Salariya
Number of pages: 128
Size: 16 x 215 x 280 mm
ISBN: 9781910706510
Price: € 12,99

You can buy this book at Bol amongs others.

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