Fantastic Structures

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From Abrams & Chronicle Books we received a review copy of Fantastic Structures by Steve McDonald for which we thank them kindly.

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On the internet this can be found about this book: In this eagerly awaited follow-up to the international bestseller Fantastic Cities, artist Steve McDonald uses his unique large-format approach working from actual photographs to create beautifully detailed line drawings of amazing buildings and other structures from around the world. The globe-trotting selection includes buildings from six continents—including Prague’s Astronomical Clock, Russia’s St. Basil’s Cathedral, a Florentine bridge, a Romanian castle, an Indian palace, and many dozens more—alongside fun-to-color details from iconic structures such as the Eiffel Tower, London’s Tower Bridge, and the Chrysler Building. The crisp white pages are conducive to a range of applications, and a middle margin keeps all the artwork fully colorable. A dozen imaginative architectural mandala illustrations round out this gorgeous adult coloring book.

Normally coloring in pictures of buildings is not my cup of tea but this book really is something special. The illustrator has also transformed buildings into beautiful mandalas which is awesome. Of course I picked one of these to color in. The nice thing about this book is that there is information of the depicted building in the sideline of the drawing so you can search for the building on the internet. I did this with one of the pictures. The paper is of excellent quality, feels firm and is nicely white. The book is rather big sized which is welcome with these drawings. There is something in it for everyone, both rough drawings and more intricate ones.

Let me first show you a few examples:

The first picture that I colored in is of the Global Flowering Reversible Destiny Lofts in Tokyo, Japan. These colorful houses really look like the real ones. I used Caran d’Ache Pablo colored pencils. For the clouds I used Koh-I-Noor soft pastel which went fine. These pencils performed excellently on this paper. I think the picture turned out very nice and colorful.

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The second picture that I picked is inspired by the Fuji Television Building. The illustrator transformed this into a gorgeous mandala which I colored in with Stabilo felt tip pens. These also do very well on this paper which is of fine and thick quality so felt tips don’t bleed through the page and you can also color in the page on the back side.

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Conclusion: I think this a very special book which appeals to me, despite the fact that I personally don’t like building themed coloring books. But this is something different and the illustrator did his best to pick special buildings and made them into beautiful drawings. The mandala buildings are a plus. The paper is excellent. I used colored pencils, felt tip pens and pastel which all went very well. And I can’t wait to work with aquarelle pencils. This book just invites you to color more. If you’re into something different and definitely when you love buildings, than this is a book for you!

Book data:
Title: Fantastic Structures
Illustrator: Steve McDonald
Publisher: Chronicle books
Number of pages: 60
Size: 5 x 292 x 298 mm
ISBN: 9781452153230
Price: € 12,95

You can purchase this book at Bol amongst others.

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  1. Ziet er goed uit, ik zou zelf ook niet snel kiezen voor een kleurboek van gebouwen. Heb ze wel eens zien staan, maar dat weerhoudt me toch. Wie weet toch eens een kans geven.

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