Vive le color! Butterflies

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We received a review copy of Vive le Color Butterflies from Abrams & Chronicle Books for which we kindly thank them.

On the internet the following can be found: Whether you want to unplug completely or be creatively engaged while commuting or watching TV, this adult coloring book offers 72 pages of beautiful and meditative designs featuring an infinite variety of butterflies.

  • Top-bound coloring pad is perfect for the right- and left-handed
  • Detachable sheets make it easy to display your finished work or share pages at coloring parties
  • 72 illustrations are printed single-sided on high-quality paper that is suitable pencils, markers, and watercolors
  • Compact size is great for travel, and a smaller page is less time-consuming to complete
  • Pad has a thick backer board so that you can color with the book on your lap.

This is a nice square little book printed on beautiful white paper. The pages can easily be taken out of the book which I personally like best. Because the book is rather thick, containing 72 pages of card stock paper. I enjoy coloring on a loose page. There are many pictures which offer a variety of possibilities. There is something there for every colorist, whether you like more rough pictures or intricate ones. Here are a few examples:

My first picture I colored in with Tombow Irojiten colored pencils, using pastel tones. These pencils performed very well on this paper. Despite the light colors of the pigment they attached themselves well and the colored parts became nice and smooth also when layering. The thing I liked less was that rather much white of the paper remained visible around the drawing. But then of course you can choose to color that in also.

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For the next one I used Staedtler Triplus fineliners and Stabilo 88 felt tip pens. Because the pages are not that big (17 x 17 cm) the drawing is rather finely printed. But g I still enjoyed working with these two different fineliners. They don’t bleed through and the paper takes up the ink well. It is a precise work but that makes for an extra challenge which I like.

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Finally I did an extra one with Faber Castell Polychromos colored pencils. Because it was detailed work I had to sharpen them regularly. A sharp point is really needed here. But this went fine also and this paper really is of excellent quality.

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Concluding I can tell you that I enjoyed coloring in this book. There are several volumes in this series, all printed single sided with pages that can be taken out. The book contains an extra thick carton paper so you can easily color on the road or while on holiday on your lap. It has a nice format for framing. It makes for a very nice gift. A must, and do take a look at the other volumes in this series.

Data of the book:
Title: Vive le Color – Butterflies
Illustrator: Abrams Noterie
Publisher: Abrams
Number of pages: 144
Size: 171 x 169 x 19 mm
ISBN: 9781419719806
Price: € 10,50 (Bol) / € 9,74 (Bookdepository)

You can buy this book at Bol and Bookdepository amongst others.

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